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Research Chemicals: Types, Functions and Examples

Research chemicals (RC) are experimental chemicals that are implicitly sold for use in medical and scientific research. Common medical laboratories, contract research organizations and scientists use these experimental chemicals for determining therapeutic value, toxicology testing and others scientific experiments. There are a wide range of compounds that come under the term “research chemicals.”Check out the main categories of research chemicals below:

Stimulants:  These are research chemicals with stimulating effects. Stimulants speed bodily functions, increase energy level and alertness and work in many other ways. Some of the most important groups of stimulants within this group of research chemicals include amphetamines, cathinones, 4-FA, ethylphenidate, phenylalkyl-pyrrolidines and pentedrone.
Psychedelics: Psychedelic RCs alter cognition and perception by agonising serotonin receptor. Some of the most popular representatives of the RC psychedelics are Ergolines, NBOMe series, amphetamines, 4′- and 5′-substituted tryptamines.
Cannabinoids: Cannabinoids are synthetic drugs that produce effects such as physical relaxation and increased appetite. Examples of cannabinoids that fall under RC category include JWH-122, UR-144 and AM-2201.
Dissociatives: Dissociatives cover a large chemical base. They are pharmacologically categorized NMDA receptor antagonist. Popular drugs from the group of dissociatives are ketamine, DXM, PCP, nitrous and diphenidine.
Sedatives: Sedatives are chemical compounds that induce sedation by reducing irritability or excitement. They are widely used for medical purposes. Examples of common sedatives are metonitazene, Ah-7921, MPPP, 3-methyfenatanyl and others.

Since research chemicals are specifically designed and marketed for pharmaceutical research and legitimate purposes (not for human or veterinary use), their distribution does not contravene the Analogue Act. You can easily buy pure quality research chemicals at online stores at low cost. If you’re thinking how to buy research chemicals online, then no need to worry! Buy any category of research chemical mentioned above and more from trusted online retailer, without any hassle.

Ultra Potent Research Chemical Benzo Flubromazepam Powder

Benzodiazepines are typically tranquilizer drugs that are available as prescription medication but they are widely used in research community for experimentation and study. Flubromazepam is a Benzodiazepine derivative that has garnered a lot of attention in the scientific world since its first came in light in 2012 as a designer drug. It is an analogue of phenazepam wherein the chlorine atom has been replaced by a fluorine atom. It was first synthesised in 1960 and is now formally known as 7-bromo-5-(2-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one. Flubromazepam has been named for the fluorine and bromine substitutions on its core benzodiazepine skeleton.

Potential Research Uses
•    Flubromazepam is structurally related to Bromazepam which is used to treat insomnia, acute seizures, anxiety and even panic attacks. This makes Flubromazepam a potent research chemical for studying its effect on these health problems.
•    Flubromazepam is good substitute for etizolam because it acts as a muscle relaxant, hypnotic and has antiepileptic effects.
•    As a benzodiazepine derivative, Flubromazepam can bind to the benzodiazepine receptor site in the brain and magnify the effects of the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). This results in calming effects on the nervous system.
•    Flubromazepam offers a similar area of research to Pyrazolam and Diclazepam. Scientists can explore the anxiolytic effects of Flubromazepam.

Buy only purest form of Flubromazepam for research use
Buying research chemical online is the most easy and affordable way for scientists and researchers alike. You might have searched online to find the best supplier, but still you’re not sure how to get the best quality research chemical online. Buy Flubromazepam powder online from the finest source research chemicals in the EU. GR8 Research Chemicals has an unmatched reputation for high purity chemicals and quality customer service. We understand the importance of purity level of chemicals in scientific experiments. Therefore you can rest assured that you will get only high purity Flubromazepam powder delivered to you, which has been synthesised in a professionally certified lab.

A Growing Research Interest in the AB-FUBINACA Cannabinoid

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AB-FUBINACA Cannabinoid research chemical is scientifically known as N-[(1S)-1-(aminocarbonyl)-2-methylpropyl]-1-[(4-fluorophenyl)methyl]-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide. This synthetic cannabinoid has become a subject of widespread interest in the research community since its first appearance in 2012. It was developed by Pfizer in 2009 as a CB1 receptor modulator, which is located in the central and peripheral nervous system of human brain. Scientists are now carrying out further experiments on this research chemical to determine its potential therapeutic use.

Chemical properties of AB-FUBINACA Cannabinoid
•    AB-FUBINACA is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid. It has greater affinity for CB1 than CB2 receptor.
•    The molecular formula of AB-FUBINACA is given as C20H28N4O2. The substance has molecular weight of 356.46g/mol and is normally found in crystalline solid form.
•    AB-FUBINACA is similar to other synthetic cannabinoids such as UR-144, AM-2201, PB-22 and 5F-AKB-48.

Clinical Research into the Therapeutic Value Of Cannabinoids
•    Scientists from across the world are investigating the capacity of synthetic cannabinoids to moderate autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis & rheumatoid arthritis as well as their role in the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

•    Researchers also also studying the anti-cancer activities of cannabinoids. Clinical data concludes that cannabinoids helps in reducing the spread of cancer cells via apoptosis process and the inhibition of angiogenesis.

Where to buy AB-FUBINACA for research purpose?
You can buy AB-FUBINACA for scientific experiments from genuine supplier of research chemicals online. We are the Europe’s top online shop of legal research chemicals. Our AB-FUBINACA has been independently tested to prove its purity level. You will be guaranteed to receive high quality and purest form of AB-FUBINACA for scientific or forensic applications. Do ensure your laboratory is well equipped to handle this synthetic cannabinoid. We do not supply this chemical for human consumption.

Different Uses of Pentedrone in Scientific Research

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Pentedrone, also known as 1-phenyl-2-methylamino-pentan-1-one in the research world, is a substituted Cathinone, having chemical formula C12H17NO, which falls into the beta-ketone family. It has been found in 2010 as an ingredient in a number of bath-salt mixes. This research chemical has a transparent appearance and available in hydrochloride salt form. Pentedrone is structurally similar to methcathinone but differs from it by having a pentane side chain instead of propane group.

Different uses of Pentedrone
•    Pentedrone acts as a release and reversible monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor, and is therefore can be used for studying its effects in the treatment of depression and dysthymia.
•    Pentedrone acts as a dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, and so scientists can use it for conducting research on the influence of the chemical compound on neurotransmitters.
•    Pentedrone crystals are psychoactive stimulants which affect the central nervous system. Further scientific experimentation can be conducted to know its actual positive effects on the nervous system.
•    This compound can also be used in forensic applications.

Pentedrone is also available in the online marketplace as α-methylamino-valerophenone. Commonly sold as legal highs, you can buy this research chemical online under both names. It can only be purchased in small amounts from authorized vendors. Gr8 Research Chemicals-EU has the reputation of being the best research chemical vendor online because we provide high-quality research chemicals including Pentedrone with at least 98 percent purity. We advise you verify the legal status of Pentedrone in your own country before ordering it from our website. We sell Pentedrone only for research purposes, and not meant for human consumption.

The Medicinal Purpose of Cannabinoids

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Cannabinoids are a group of active chemical compounds that act on the cannabinoid receptors of brain and body cells. Cannabinoids are released by cannabis flowers that offer a variety of health benefits. Cannabis contains at least 113 different types of cannabinoids, all of which have been documented to have medical value. There are synthetic cannabinoids available in the market that belongs to a number of chemical classes. Classical cannabinoids are structurally realated to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) while the non-classical cannabinoids including the 1,5-diarylpyrazoles and quinolines are related to the structure of endocannabinoids.

Different cannabinoids different effects
Cannabinoids work by interacting with specific receptor. For instance, cannabinol (CBN) has a strong affinity for CB-2 receptors, which are located throughout your body, while THC binds to certain receptors only present in the brain. These varied effects of cannabinoids make them a field of great research interest in the scientific community. We can use the right cannabinoids that bind to different receptors to treat different ailments. This concept is the cornerstone of using cannabinoids for medicinal purposes.

Medicinal use of Cannabinoids

1. Hundreds of scientists from around the world have been investigating the potential use of cannabinoids in treating cancer since 1970s. More than 30 research papers claim that cannabis cures various types of cancer. Some of the pharmacological effects of cannabinoids have been listed by researchers including:

•    Preventing cells from dividing
•    Triggering cell death through apoptosis
•    Stopping cancer cells from spreading through the body
•    Preventing new blood vessels from growing into tumours

2. In many clinical trials performed using THC, it has been found that THC has positive effect on spasticity which is caused by multiple sclerosis. It can also help to control other symptoms such as paraesthesia and ataxia.

3. Larger clinical studies have confirmed the analgesic properties of cannabis. It helps to reduce pain due to multiple sclerosis, HIV infection, rheumatoid arthritis, headache, and inflammation.

4. Some research studies have also revealed that cannabinoids such as THC can help to improve asthma, epilepsy, psychiatric syndromes, autoimmune diseases, glaucoma, Tourette’s Syndrome and other movement disorders.

For these reasons, cannabinoids is considered as a potent research chemical. Researchers and scientists involved in conducting studies on the potential benefits of using cannabinoids as medicine for above mentioned diseases and health problems can buy high-quality cannabis from genuine supplier of research chemicals online. You can order cannabinoid research chemical online from Europe’s leading online shop of legal research chemicals, Gr8 Research Chemials-EU. All cannabinoid chemicals supplied by us are independently tested by laboratories to prove its purity level. Note: We do not supply this research chemical for human consumption.

Key Tips for Buying Research Chemicals Online with Safety

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If you are planning to buy research chemicals online, it is important to ensure that the products that you are planning to purchase are superior and adhere with the standard security and privacy guidelines. It is important to network with the precursors of the research chemical marketplace to ensure that you are well aware of the latest studies and happenings so that you could buy the research chemicals online by adhering with the standard security guidelines.

However, before thinking from where to buy research chemicals online, you must browse the internet precisely and order your products carefully for making your online purchase simpler and safe. Here are some effective tips that one should always follow for buying research chemicals online with safety.

1) Conduct a Thorough Research on Internet

The most effective and easy way buy research chemicals online safely is to perform a thorough research about the seller’s reliability on the internet and the simplest way to do so is to go through the popular review websites. These websites have comprehensive information and reviews about almost all sellers on the internet. This method is useful especially if you are considering purchasing from a new seller.

2) Contact the Seller

Another important way to make your online purchase of research chemicals safer is to contact the online seller directly via live chat options, emails or phone numbers. If you have any query regarding the product or its services or if you just want to know whether it’s a vendor or not, you can easily contact them because real professionals will give answers to your queries in a matter of hours.

3) Check Their Products Carefully

“Research Chemical” has become one of the hottest keywords on the internet, so it is important that you should check the products carefully by reading the product descriptions, their purity, their quantity, usual dose etc. It is done in order to ensure that the seller is selling the real products. You can also check for the delivery options and the way they are storing the research chemical to ensure their professionalism and consistency.

4) Verify the Payment and Shipping Methods

It is important for confirm that the payment methods are safe  or even if it is third party companies like AlertPay or Paypal, they offer complete protection in the event if the order went wrong. Moreover, you must verify from the seller about the shipping ways and about the way they pack the research chemicals. It is important to receive these chemicals in accurate bags with proper labels in order to ensure their consistency and quality.

Finally, with the help of these tips, you can easily create a plan to see which research chemicals you will require and how you can get research chemicals online for conducting your experiments carefully.

3 reasons why you should buy research chemicals online

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Research chemicals are basically required by chemists, research students and scientists for carrying out scientific experiments. Research chemicals are different from normal chemical supplies and are used for conducting authentic research studies. In scientific experiments involving complex chemicals, researchers cannot afford to go wrong. They require pure and authentic research chemicals for scientific analysis & testing. Internet is the best medium when it comes to buying high quality research chemicals. There are a number of factors that make online medium the best resource to purchase research chemicals:

Greater varieties: Possibilities are there that the chemical you need for your research is not available in your local area. One of the first benefits of online research chemical store is that you get a large range of chemicals to choose from for your individual needs. With easy browsing option, you can search the chemical you want at a reputable online store and order it easily.
High purity chemicals: Online store is the best way to buy highest purity research chemicals. You can easily find information about the quality of a particular chemical at trusted online stores. Once you placed your order, rest assured that you will receive only 100 percent genuine and high quality products on time.
Pricing: Economical factor is one of the main components that should be regarded while purchasing research chemicals, since they are very costly and scientific experiments have limited budget. If you’re based in Europe, you should order research chemicals from a European online store, as you’ll get purest forms of chemical supplies delivered to your doorstep on the same day at affordable prices.

In conclusion, after a comprehensive assessment, you can order your research chemicals online in the most convenient way possible. If you’re unsure about the quality of the chemicals, you can ask the online retailer to send some samples. You can test the samples in a laboratory to determine its purity level and authenticity. Once satisfied, order your required research chemicals that fit your research needs.

How to Buy Research Chemicals Safely?

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Research Chemicals are used for analysis and testing purposes in different scientific, medical, and chemical researches since a long time. These chemical substances go through meticulous safety verification procedures before putting on sale. However, people have to understand the fact that these chemical substances are meant only for research purposes and not for clinical purposes. They are essential for the betterment of humankind and also vital for the improvement of the medical and pharmacology field.

The benefits of research chemicals include:

They are useful for the discovery of new medications for treating new diseases.
They are fundamental in the advancement of new pharmacotherapy.
They have contributed in the development of different health conditions affecting humanity.
They help in innovation of new products that can make your life healthier.

So, it is important that you should buy these research chemicals online from a trusted vendor. But before that, it is equally important to know how you can buy research chemicals safely:

Take reference from a known person, but always substantiate the reference by going through different forums and sites on Internet. It is feasible that you may be able to discover information about these chemical substances by talking with associates who are educated about the topic, from online suppliers, and from drug information libraries, etc.
Before buying from an online seller of research chemical, corroborate if the website is legitimate, informative, and certified.
Avoid buying research chemicals from sellers who don’t provide adequate information about the chemical constituents.
Make sure if the seller is appropriately displaying terms and conditions on the website.
Ensure that there are no hidden charges apart from the price of the chemical substance and shipping charges.
Check for the acknowledged branded merchandise on the seller website to ensure quality.
Inspect the payment methods available on the websites carefully to know if the vendor is dependable.

So, if you are planning to buy research chemicals for your experiments, it is better to perform some research in advance to get only the best quality research chemicals from a reliable online store.

How to Find a Reliable Online Research Chemical Supplier

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There has seen remarkable progress in the field of science & medicine in the past decade. Thanks to the numerous research conducted by scientists and researchers all across the world! Great advancements in the field of research have been possible due to the availability of greater varieties of research chemicals online. However, since the number of online suppliers of research chemicals has increased greatly in recent years, you need to be sure that you buy the chemicals from the right company. Follow these tips to find a reliable supplier of research chemicals online:

1. Check the official website: The website effectiveness, professionalism and accuracy tell a lot about the quality of the products supplied by the company. Misspellings or other typos, especially in chemical names, should raise suspicions. A reputed research chemical supplier must have listed all chemical names accurately on its website. Its website will look more like a chemical catalog rather than a promo site. A good supplier will also list other laboratory equipment and chemicals provided by it on its official website.

Reliable Online Research Chemical Supplier

2. Look at its payment method: Most of the people pay using their credit & debit cards as they are much more convenient. The supplier must have an online 3D secure processing merchant for accepting debit or credit cards payment. Be wary of suppliers that accept PayPal payments as it is considered to be an illegal option for accepting payments for research chemicals. Legitimate chemical dealers will only ship to a valid address using their postal service.

3. Ask to provide safety data sheet (SDS): SDS is an integral part of the EU legislation that must be provided by the supplier for all the chemicals being supplied to customers. SDS contains all information regarding a research chemical including chemical composition, details of supplier, possibilities of hazards, first aid measure and handling information.

For chemists and researchers to do their job perfectly, they must know how to buy research chemicals online from a truly reputable supplier. Now, finding a reliable supplier with high quality chemicals is not difficult anymore. Follow these tips to find a reliable chemical supplier that meet your supply needs.