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Look: This Fresh round of Bubba looks Great! Big round buds with dense, deep green flowers, and a heavy crystal coat.

Flavor: Equal parts forest-y and fruity, Bubba Kush OG has a rich natural taste.

Scent: Earthy and sweet, with a light, fresh pine aroma.

Common effects: Comes on quickly but doesn’t last all afternoon, making Bubba Kush OG fine for controlled daytime use; patients can expect to experience a euphoria and strong relaxation followed by mild to medium physical effects.

Recommended uses: Recommended for the relief of insomnia, chronic pain, stress, and depression.

More Info: Bubba Kush OG is West Coast grown crossbreed that boasts worldly lineage: its ancestors include Hindu Kush, which hails from the Pakistan / Afghani border.

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