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Type:  Indica
Strength: 10  out of 10
High:  Powerful, Relaxing, Uplifting, Level
Taste: An amazing Kush Smell you have yet to try!
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Buy og kush online – kush for sale – This iconic Kush strain sets the stage for all other Kush strains in existence.   Origins goes back so far that no one can exactly pin point where it came from.

This particular strain is an Indica Hybrid mix which will provide euphoric and happy effects and is great at battling stress and anxiety, popular for its earthy/pine scent with woody undertones.  Veterans will instinct recognize this strain and will think of the “good ol’ days”.  OG God Kush will give leave you euphoric and relaxed no doubt, if you have any aches and pains, this will relieve them as well.  Put on your favourite mellow music and have a great smoke with OG God Kush.

Prepared for the munchies because this strain will make you want to eat everything in sight.  OG God Kush will also help you sleep, relax you and make you happy and social.  Head and body high is a must.

We have OG God Kush in stock and will delivery it to your door step in Canada.






Buy og kush online – kush for sale

Buy og kush online – kush for sale

Buy og kush online – kush for sale

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